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How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes: 10 Detective Escape Games

How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes: 10 Detective Escape Games

You’ll learn how to become a master stealth agent and detain enemies. You can engage in secret missions, using your skills to evade lasers and security cameras. Go on heists and avoid getting caught; or, take down criminals and become a top agent. The spy challenges are great for all players, from young to old. Enjoy the realistic action in exit games around the world!

1. If you ever wanted to get a letter from Dr. Watson, the excellent chance is life escape game Sherlock by PANiQ-ROOM located in Budapest. Holmes is in trouble. You have to clear him of accusation by collecting all the evidence found at the apartment from where he has been taken away, Baker Street 221/B.

2. Do you want to assist Sherlock?He has decided to invite courageous applicants into his office for a test of their capabilities. Who knows, maybe it is you, who will be able to solve all mysteries that Sherlock throws at you? Try yourself in exit game in Prague Sherlock's office by ExitGamePrague.

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3. Sherlock’s absence coincided with a string of vicious crimes. London police has once again proved incompetent. Hurry! An innocent man will be lynched unless you discover the true killer’s identity and the crime scene in the escape game Baker street, 221B by Claustrophobia in Moscow.

4. Escape from the Hound of the Baskervilles by Room Escape NYC in New York. You are Dr. Watson trapped in a mysterious room. Unfortunately, Sherlock Holmes can't help because he is somewhere else! Escape alone before time runs out!

5. Escape game Detective story by EscapeGamesNYC in New York. Answer a call for help from crime-fighters in a case of underworld corruption. Case File No. 8329 is a mystery not every detective can solve! You will chart the connections and investigate clues from the obscure world of syndicated crime.

6. You can try yourself in London as a team of best secret agents in exit game The Battle of Britain by Archimedes Inspiration. You mission is to intercept a classified document and save millions of lives!


7. As a world famous London detective, the Brussels Police have asked for your assistance in retrieving the famous Maneeken Pis and bringing the thief to justice! Escape Hunt offers you such an exclusive experience – exit game in Brussel Robbery of the Manneken Pis.

8. In real-life escape game the Dark Secret of the Congressman by Crime Runners in Vienna you have to find evidence about the disappearance of the corrupt politician Simon Dickson, uncover his racketeering and put a stop to his illegal game.

9. Have you wanted to be a KGB agent? You have one hour to get back the confidential documents from the puzzle room in Paris KGB by L'Antichambre.

10. If you are a big fan of crime series, or you are an expert at hacking super-secret CIA databases you always spoiled the spirit of Christmas by finding the hidden presents days before the actual evening, go to a real life investigation in Rome – CSI by Escape Rome!



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