Escape Game Heaven&Hell, Heaven&Hell, 1984, Circus. Budapest.
Escape Game Heaven&Hell, Heaven&Hell, 1984, Circus. Budapest.
Escape Game Heaven&Hell, Heaven&Hell, 1984, Circus. Budapest.

Escape Game Heaven&Hell

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 18+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 10000—12000 Ft per team

About the game Heaven&Hell

You know what?!


That is not how you thought? It’s a bit late … This is a point of no return.

You wanted to know something about heaven and hell. But to do this, like all mortals, you must die first.

This time you’re lucky: it’s enough only hibernating yourselves. After the adventure, you have to use a defibrillator so that you can return to life.

You should be grateful that even in this case there are mates next to you; so there is some chance to make it with the help of them…

If you do everything, really ANYTHING to escape, perhaps even the gate of heavens will be opened for a moment. However, you should not stay there – this time…

We have something for you: a little help for the big adventure. If you use the content at the right place and the right time, it will get you through even the most hopeless challenges…

The defibrillator works only for an hour. If you do not find it in time, you may stuck in hell forever! It can be heaven also, but it is nearly the same in this case… ?

So, courage!

People say: hope dies last. So, do not hurry to overtake it!

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Address escape game Heaven&Hell

Budapest, Budapest 1072 District:07 Nyárutca 27
+7 (363) ... Show phone number

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