Escape Game Voodoo tales, Claustrophilia. Budapest.
Escape Game Voodoo tales, Claustrophilia. Budapest.
Escape Game Voodoo tales, Claustrophilia. Budapest.

Escape Game Voodoo tales

Players 2—5 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 8000—12000 Ft per team

About the game Voodoo tales

A dark veil has covered the Earth.. All over the world thousands of people gather on the streets hoping that someone breaks the evil black magic and save Mamagi, the last priestess of the island of Mahou Bai. She was believed to be immortal, but as it seems it is not true.

The evil plan of the sorcerer Gaa Enn Jama is realized with the help of the dark gods and he is ready to take Mamagi 's soul with black magic. According to the diviner Rauall Daja the priestess has only one chance: someone has to enter in the temple of Gaa Enn Jama and needs to break the evil spell right in the altar of the sorcerer. An ancient voodoo story says that the black magic is the most effective on the chosen victim if it starts from one point of the Earth and arrives to the opposite part through the heart of the Earth.

The opposite point of Mahou Bai is Budapest, that is why Gaa Enn Jama built his temple in the city where you need to face the dark powers. A lot of brave people tried to save Mamagi before you, but they couldn't break the curse and failed. Jama is prepared to these attempts and fortified his temple with magical traps and puzzles. Maybe you are the chosen one who can defeat the sorcerer and his evil magic.

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Address escape game Voodoo tales

Budapest, 1074 Budapest, Dohány u. 57
+36 30 9 ... Show phone number

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